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This is the home page for BYUC, the DARPA Urban Challenge team from Brigham Young University, and the car, Ynot

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If you are looking for the Darpa Urban Challenge 2007 Entry by Brigham Young University, you've come to the right place! The latest updates to the site will be posted here, with links to relevant pages. To navigate the site, use the links at the top of the screen.

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YNOT - All about the amazing van that can (soon) drive by itself!
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March 6th, 2007
Governor Huntsman congratulated us and says that we "epitomize the innovative spirit of our great State". He sent a letter to our office. Read it.

Jan 29, 2007
Vehicle characterization tests were completed on Saturday. We ran some code written in LabView which successfully applied the brake, put the car in Drive, drove forward at a specified speed, slowed, stopped, put the car in park, and shut down. See some pics from the tests on the ynot page.

Jan 11, 2007
We have the car! Today Troy brought us our BYU-blue Dodge Caravan. We spent a few hours getting familiarized with the Pronto-4 drive-by-wire system and the necessary safety checks and procedures.

Find out more about the car here

Jan 9, 2007
Architecture Group Update
We have converged on an idea for the high level architecture of the artificial intelligence part. We are nearing completion of a simulator for the AI and a simple path planning strategy.

Sensors Group Progress:
We have acquired a sub-meter accurate GPS receiver and antenna, along with the sub-decimeter differential correction subscription. We also have in our possession a 3-axis digital compass, along with software and code to calibrate it and parse its data. We have also purchased a laser range finder, which we are currently developing code for. Our current plan is to use six of them to detect obstacles around the vehicle. Finally, we have a pair of CCD firewire cameras capable of outputting 60fps at high resolution. We plan to use these cameras in stereo to detect oncoming traffic and other obstacles. The lane detection will be accomplished with a monocular camera facing forward. We are currently working on algorithms to detect the road, extract the line information, and calculate the curvature of the traveling lane, as well as detect obstacles in the road. We should have a working version of the code ready to test by the end of January.

Find out more about the teams here.

A student reporter working with Daily News would like to do a story on our UC07 project. She would like to meet and interview team members and attend our 12:00 meeting. She would like to continue to follow the development of this project. I think it would be good for publicity. She will come to my office at 11:15. I will take her to meet with faculty and students after she gets here.
-Dr. Lee

If you are interested in doing a news story about the challenge, click here.

Site Visit
We have been awarded a site visit from DARPA! Estimated site visit date is June 21st. Read the letter Here

Submission Video
Click here to view the video we submitted to DARPA.

Media Coverage
Here's the latest media coverage on Ynot and the BYUC team.

Mar 3 - BYU Weekly's Daily News had a featured article on the self-driven car, Y-not.
Direct Video Link (WMV)

The Future is Now: Self Driving Car a Reality (BYU News)
25 Jan 2007

Heading Level 3

A special thanks goes out to our sponsors. These sponsors have donated time, money, and materials to our cause. Without them we would have to drive this car ourselves!





If you would like to join these sponsors in supporting the BYU Urban Challenge team, email Dr. James Archibald